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We sell the Ultimate fishing worms: the giant European Night Crawlers! Bait Size Worms run about 225-250 per lb. Live delivery guaranteed.

Sometimes called the ‘leaf and thatch’ worm for their impressive ability to bury and come back to the surface to munch on the mulch, these worms can survive cold winters by burrowing deep into the ground.


  • Live Bait for Fishing – These are the big ones Folks!
  • Around 250-300 Nightcrawlers per pound (bedrun)
  • Around 225 Bait-Size European Night Crawlers per pound
  • Great for composting and fishing


European Nightcrawlers Fishing Worms average three to four inches in length.


When buying worms, more worms per pound is not necessarily a ‘better deal.’ Some worm websites sell worms by the count instead of the pound, hiding the fact that these worms are small and ineffective as a bait worm. Measuring by the pound is a good indicator of the size of the worms. 200 to 250 worms per pound means the worms are full grown and ready to be used!


Why Buy European Night Crawlers?

European Nightcrawlers are two to three times bigger than their smaller cousins, the Red Wigglers. Even at low temperatures, these worms make perfect fishing worms because they are as thick as a pencil (making them easy to spot) and they remain active even during long durations in the water.

Another bonus is that the Night Crawlers will live about three to five weeks in a bait cup, which is about three weeks longer than the Red Worm. Unlike the Canadian nightcrawlers, the European Nightcrawlers do not need to be refrigerated. You can throw them into a rugged Worm Farm and raise them all year long.

Shipment Info:

Every pound of worms will come in a container of peat moss. The worms are weighed out prior to adding the peat moss, guaranteeing the most worms for your money! We also overstock our shipments with 10% more worms to ensure that the desired quantity survive shipments. Please visit our SHIPPING PAGE for more information on shipping care and our 100% money-back guarantee.

For special orders larger than five pounds, please visit our wholesale dealer’s page. Our prices are competitive and your order will be processed within the next 24 hours.

A Brief History:

The European Night Crawler is a relatively new worm to the US. In 1997, a good friend of mine found these worms in Azerbajan while working on a vermicomposting project. He was tired of hearing clients complain about the Red Worms being too small, so he bought these worms, shipped them to Florida and started selling them as the European Nightcrawlers.

The European Nightcrawlers burrow deeper into the ground – about 10-12 inches. The worms were basically unheard of until 2005 when a hurricane came through and killed off just about all of the red worm population being sold. The Nightcrawlers survived the storm and being the only choice available for fishermen, the worm flooded the market and took off as the premier bait size worm for fishing. Now, the European Nightcralwer dominates over it’s brother the red worm as the best fishing worm in the US.


Guarantee: We at Wholesale Fishing Worm GUARANTEE LIVE DELIVERY of all Bait!  If you have a problem we must be contacted within 24 hours of delivery.  If you chose next day shipping we will replace your worms; (shipping and handling is NOT included unless you selected next day delivery), or we can credit your account.