Product Description

All compost worms are shipped on MONDAY’S ONLY with the US Postal Service. All orders must be placed by 1:00 P.M. central standard time on Monday for them to ship the same day.


Please order European Nightcrawlers.



Red Worms are used as composting worms and fishing worms. Skinnier than the nightcrawlers, the red worms are more active in the water and compost faster than their larger nightcrawler cousins. Also known as Red Wigglers.


1. Approx. 1,000 Red Worms per pound (bedrun).

2. Worms cost less in bulk orders (2lbs+)

3. Worm Composting Bins: Start with 2lbs of Red Worms

4. Specify Fishing Worms in the Product description for larger Red Worms. But, typically you’re going to want the larger European Nightcarwlers if your worms are strictly used for fishing.


Red Worms are known as the kings of composting because of their rapid digestion of organic material and high-nutrient waste that they produce. Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or just add some extra flower juice to your gardens, Red Worms are the most cost-effective composting machines around (see why below).

5 Reasons You Want Red Worms in Your Garden:

100% Raw Fertilizing Power:

Ever price checked fertilizers? There’s a good reason that manure sells for $5 every 40 pounds while worm castings are $3.50 a pound. Worm castings are extremely effective fertilizers for the garden. Mother nature has had a long time to perfect the organic composting process and Red Worms are her tool of choice for the job. These critters contain five times more nutrients than even the finest top soil on the market. Not to mention that you will be saving gas and time from not making those long trips to the department store for composting anymore.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint:

Add a worm bin to your order and you will be doing your part to protect the environment. One of the major bi-products of landfills is methane gas- a destroyer of the ozone and a nasty pollutant in the air. We can do our part in reducing methane emissions through worm composting our household waste. Through an aerobic decomposition process, the worms wiggle through the ground and aerate the soil as they decompose the organic material in the dirt.

Just how much can you reduce your carbon footprint? An average worm farm can recycle 6-8lbs of trash a week! With a little planning, you can recycle up to 60% of your household waste a week.

Garden Benefits

Plants need a very specific soil composition to thrive. Wigglers burrow and dig holes into the ground to aerate the soil. This allows the right composition of nitrogen and oxygen to enhance plant growth.

Organic Worm Castings

Worm castings, or worm poop as we rednecks like to say, is known amongst farmers as black gold. The rich castings that worms produce provide plants with sugars, amino acids, and pro-biotic enzymes that increase plant development. In addition, there are natural bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that grow from the worm castings and work symbiotically with the garden soil to assist in plant development.

Family Fun

Kids enjoy worm farms because they are live animals. Our family loves having thousands of “pets” to play with. The worms make great science projects and teachers enjoy using the worms for school lessons. Who would of thought that worms could bring your family closer together?

Why Us

Besides our prices being the most competitive in the industry, we have full customer support for all your worm farming needs. We would love for you to give us a call and learn more about getting started with your Worm Farm. We guarantee live delivery and shipping on all earthworms shipped from our Florida Worm Farm.

Our live Florida Red Worms thrive off of entirely organic food. When they’re shipped from our Florida Worm Farm, they leave healthy and happy. Our Florida Red Worms are the perfect addition to your garden’s composting soil. Boost garden yields and reduce your carbon footprint!

Why are we so confident in our brand?

Our farm ships over 4,000 pounds of worms a year. Our customers include worm farms, fishing enthusiasts, composting experts, schools, and gardeners. We have years of experience and a reputation of excellent customer service.


Shipping: Orders are shipped Mondays only! with US Priority mail. Your package will arrive two to three days after the day shipped. Example, if shipped on Monday they should arrive on Wed or Thursday.

Guarantee: If their is a problem with your worms you must email or call within 24 hours of delivery to receive the live delivery guarantee. You can’t leave your worms sit on your porch or at the post office for days, you must pick them up the day they arrive.